Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NCCT'08: Looking Back

NCCT'08 has come and gone. The last signs of the conference were removed from the church campus as of Monday, and those who labored so hard to present this offering to the Lord have begun to get rested up from the many hours they devoted to making this such a wonderful event.

To those from the CBC family who gave so generously of their time, talents and energy, let me say a most heart-felt "thank you" for your devotion to the Lord and to His church.

Every indication is that those who attended the conference left refreshed and greatly encouraged. I pray that there is great fruit in their lives and their ministries as a result of the time they spent in worship and fellowship, and because they were blessed to sit beneath such fantastic teaching. D.A. Carson, Steve Lawson and Tim Challies challenged us all with their exposition of the Word of God, and encouraged us to believe that, indeed, the gates of hell shall not stand against the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ!

If you were in attendance at NCCT'08, would you consider sharing your experience in the comments here?

The congregation of CBC will no doubt seek to present an even better conference in February 2009, as we welcome John MacArthur and Bruce Ware to teach at NCCT'09. (We intend to add at least one additional speaker to the program, but we are not yet ready to announce who that will be.)

Again, to both those who came and those who served, thank you. May God alone be glorified!


Blogger Kae said...

I have never had the opportunity to attend a "conference" of this magnitude, and I can't begin to express the blessing, encouragement, and strengthening I received. Thank you for making this a "co-ed" weekend! Sitting under these powerful teaching has given me a greater desire to deepen my studies and appreciate the power God has given us in His gospel. I also thank all those who served sacrificially, it was an amazing and lofe changing experience, I can hardly wait until next year!

February 15, 2008 at 10:29 AM  

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